Friday, April 06, 2007

Free Form Comments

Random thoughts, suggestions, ideas, criticism, off topic anything, self-promotion, you name it: it goes here.

On my end, I am already thinking about what series I should take on issue-by-issue next. I want to do something non-Morrison, and am seriously thinking about THE MAXX. Your ideas are welcome.

On the videoblogging end I have the camera, but cannot figure out how to work the microphone that comes with it.


Mitch said...

The Maxx gets my vote! Also, have you seen 300 yet, Geoff? If so, what did you think?

Tammy said...

If you want to see a funny superhero short film, check out "Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass." It was picked to be a finalist at the Howard Stern film festival but was disqualified because we missed the rule that said you couldn't use SAG actors. Howard Stern's In Demand channel, Howard TV, loved the film so much though, that they played it on Howard TV for several months. Now, they're distributing it over the web through Atom Films. To check out the film go to

Troy Wilson said...

If you ever return to Morrison again, I'd LOVE to see you tackle The Invisibles and/or The Filth.

Honestly, I'm not too keen on you doing The Maxx (mainly because I've barely read any of it), but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Jason Powell said...

Oh, The Maxx would be fantastic! I still own all my original issues, and I would happily re-read them in order to follow along with an issue-by-issue review on this site.

(I even still have my VHS collection of the cartoon too! Wish they'd release that on DVD.)

Please consider this comment to be equal to five votes for The Maxx!

Matt Brady said...

Blog plug: I reviewed some comics that came out this week. Also, I reviewed the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated, and did some commentary on the game Final Fantasy XII, which I'm currently playing.

Oh, and I haven't read more than an issue or two of The Maxx, even though I like Sam Kieth. So I won't vote for you to cover it, but I won't vote against it either.

Kenney said...

I've never read The Maxx, so it would be cool to read along with you on that. Though, maybe it would be a good idea to tackle something a little bit shorter between your X-Men and Maxx dissections?

Also, I owe you a thank you for mentioning Spider-Man loves Mary Jane on CGS. I've found all the issue and have fallen completely in love with this book. I would have never picked up this book, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Outside of being a very sweet story, the fashion sense of the characters is possibly the best I've ever seen in a comic. After I read an issue I go back and see how vibrant the costuming was. Miyazawa did an amazing job bringing that teenage world to life visually.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff!

Streebo, here. I can't seem to log in at the moment so I'm anonymous today.

I think a discussion on the Maxx would be great - but a discussion of at least a few story arcs from The Invisibles would be fantastic! I like reading about the books you love as it encourages me to go back and re-read those issues and find more resonance therein.

In case no one has mentioned it yet - Grant Morrison was just interviewed on the latest episode of Fan Boy Radio!

Fan Boy Radio

Over at my livejournal, I'm talking about the ideas in Geoff's book if anyone wants to stop by: Streebo's livejournal
My attmepts to understand it are primitive at best, but it's fun nonetheless.

Geoff, since Kill Bill is one of your favorite movies - are you excited about seeing Grindhouse?

LurkerWithout said...

Providing an analysis of the Maxx (especially volume 2) so that I can understand it would be good. I mostly remember it as the book I bought for awhile to seem smart...

Troy Wilson said...

Hey Mitch (and anyone else who's curious), some of the pages in JLA #7 were indeed out of order. From Brad Meltzer's blog:

"Wish this weren't so, but just found out there's a misplaced page in JLA 7. Thanks to an extra ad, Page 30, for some reason, runs before page 26. It oddly still somehow reads okay (kinda), but for the optimum reading experience, there's how it should go. (The whole Star City scene should read together). Sorry for that one."

Geoff Klock said...

Mitch: did not see 300: loved the comic book but didn't think it needed to be a videogame. Or wait, I meant movie. The movie looks like videogame interchapters is my point. Miller's 300 is great because you feel in his art a lot of freedom; the movie looks claustrophobically attentive to the comic book thus going the other way. Again I have not seen it, but that is what made me decide to avoid it.

Tammy totally got permission to advertise her film here from me. She was very polite, and not a spam jackass.

Troy: would you be interested in picking up the first trade at least?

Jason: the Maxx animated was the best comic book adaptation ever.

Matt: thanks

Kenny: glad i pointed someone to that book. It makes me feel like I am doing good work.

Streebo: you probably already saw it, but the review is above.

Lurker -- some of the Maxx did implode.

Troy: thanks.

Troy Wilson said...

Sure, Geoff, I can check out the first Maxx trade.

Ultimate Matt said...

Free form comments, eh? Not what you had in mind, but I'm freakin' giddy, so... I got engaged today!

Troy Wilson said...


Geoff Klock said...

Ultimate Matt: CONGRATS!