Friday, April 13, 2007

Free Form Comments

Whatever the hell random thing you want to say to me or anyone else here, including shameless self promotion and requests to be added to my blog-roll -- ask again if I forgot, I can be an idiot about this stuff -- do it here.

If you do read but do not post, stop doing that. Don't stop reading, but do start posting, is what I mean. Just introduce yourself -- everyone around here is nice.

This post is brief, but I will have a fun little announcement soon that has me giddy with geeky-ness.


James said...
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James said...
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James said...

Two bad posts, wow. Sorry, I'm sick.

Gist =

brad said...

Our Website, ITSALLINYOURHANDS.COM was just nominated for a WEBBY AWARD.

We need your help to take the People's Voice award for our site.

Here is the link:

After you register and login, you go to the ONLINE FILM AND VIDEO section. You scroll down to DRAMA and vote for ITSALLINYOURHANDS.COM. voting ends on April 27th.

Thanks for your continued support Geoff. We truly couldn't have done it without you.

Matt Brady said...

Blog plug: I did a review of Grindhouse, if anybody is interested in my opinion. On the manga front, I reviewed volume 10 of Death Note and the latest issue of Shojo Beat. (My post about the previous issue of SB was my most popular one ever, after being linked by MangaBlog, Journalista!, and The Comics Reporter. I briefly felt internet-famous).

On a sadder note, I was bummed to hear about the death of Kurt Vonnegut, who is my all-time favorite author. I wrote a tribute to him, mentioning some of my favorite works of his and what he meant to me.

To cheer things up again, please come by and submit some answers to this game I posted. Hopefully it's not too easy.

Erik Schark said...

So, judging from those first two posts, I guess I can't really say whatever the hell random thing I want... (just ribbing ya)

Okay, you caught me. I am much more of a lurker than a commenter. So, here's who I am:

Actor - currently a series regular on Something To Be Desired, frequent stage actor, occasional indie film dabbler
Writer - I have one completed screenplay that I've been shopping around for a while, I write freelance feature articles for a local website (that actually pays!), and I've been doing quite a bit of PR work lately (for STBD, PodCamp Pittsburgh and the upcoming BootCamp PGH
Comic reader - USM, Daredevil, Ultimates, Fell, 52, Spirit, All-Star Superman, Superman Confidential, Criminal, etc.
TV watcher - Lost, 24, Heroes, House, Office, 30 Rock, Entourage, The Wire, etc.
Podcast listener/watcher - iFanboy, Escape Pod, Ask a Ninja, the burg, This American Life, Mr. Deity, Galacticast, etc.
New father - diapers, screaming, sleeplessness, "poopy", etc.

I guess that's me in a nutshell. I shall now resume lurking.

James said...

erik: I deleted those, not Geoff, cos I managed to screw up some html the exact same way twice. And both times I had meant to click "preview". Eugh, sick.

scott s said...

I just finished Charlie Wilson's War. Has anyone read that? It's a great story and will certainly be Aaron Sorkin's Oscar winning comeback.

Geoff- Your diss is about speculative biographical poetry? Does this genre have a prose equivalent? How would you classify The Left Bank Gang?

Thacher said...

My fiancee and I just watched Grindhouse last night, which she was lukewarm about initially but ended up loving. I may put more of our car-ride home discussion in my blog, which everyone is welcome to read. I'm in that "people would read it more if I wrote more but I'd write more if I felt like people were actually watching and participating" place with it, which is frustratingly stupid on my part, but there you go.
I also discovered a punctuation mistake (no period) in the third sentence of the writing sample of my book that I've been sending out to agents, so that was really disappointing.

Stephen said...

In the self-promotion department: my series of blog-essays about 100 Great Comics Pages continues: a month in, I'm now up to #7. (So it'll take me about fourteen months to finish? Sounds about right.) Anyway, I just got to a page that I think people here would appreciate: the opening page of Watchmen. I think the essay about it came off pretty well, so have a look:


Ultimate Matt said...

Shameless self-promotion:

Ultimate Matt said...

Shameless self-promotion:

Geoff Klock said...

James: no problem, thanks.

Brad: thanks. EVERYONE GO VOTE (and vote for brad).

Matt: yeah, Kurt Vonnegut. I love his stuff.

Eric: thanks. Post more often. People here are cool.

Scott S: hey a new Aaron Sorkin movie. I will check it out, at least to find out if Studio 60 was a temporary problem or something bigger. He did not use up ALL his credit with me in Studio 60.

Too me a minute to realize by "diss" you meant dissertation and not dissrespect. I have not read the left bank gang, but it does have lots of analogues in film -- i briefly mention, in the book version of the thesis, the films Dead Man, The Seven Per Cent Solution, Dark City, From Dusk Till Dawn Three and Soderbergh's Kafka, all of which are imaginary biographies of writers (and there are more).

Thacher: thanks. dont worry about the punctuation mark -- Paul Valery said books are not finished but abandoned. You can't EVER find every mistake. TRUST ME. Cause I know.

Stephen: 100 great comic pages is a great idea. I wish I had thought of that for around here. I may steal it from you yet.

UMatt: thanks.

Stephen said...

Well, if you steal my ideas, I expect link-backs. :)

Allen Holt said...

Hi, Geoff, I'm Allen. We've been MySpace "friends" for a couple of months and I finally got around to checking out your blog, and plan to keep doing so. I appreciate the fact that you're trying to intelligently analyze pop culture -- I'd like to say I try to do the same thing, but I usually wind up just being snarky instead. :)

I'm digging your look into Morrison's New X-Men run, especially since you're up to the issues I haven't read. It's nice to get some insight into what happened (all I really know is Jean died again and there was a big mess with the whole Xorn/Magneto thing).

Anyway, yeah. Nice to meetcha. :)

David Golding said...

I found this and thought you might like it, Geoff: a revision of Batman #663, and Grant Morrison's review of Civil War: The Initiative.

Streebo said...

I wonder if anyone else found the title of Jesse Hamm's recent Livejournal entry ironic in light of Mark Waid's response?

Why Comic Book Writers Oughta Mind Their Own Business.

Thacher said...

Geoff: Yes, this is true, but it's the kind of thing that gets me riled up because I *swore* I'd checked everything up down and sideways before I started sending out queries to agents. I only caught it because I was re-formatting it into a traditional manuscript format for mailed queries (I prefer email, since once I think I've found someone good, I can just dash them off my stuff).

Anyone know any agents interested in a first horror novel?

Geoff Klock said...

Stephen: I will

Alan: thanks for posting. Do so in the future.

David: thanks

Streebo: I will check that out

Thacher: I know nothing about agents, though I have been thinking about getting one -- I will let you know if I find anything useful.