Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Satacracy 88 Episode 7 parts one through three and Episode 8 part one

The seventh episode of Satacracy 88 went up a while ago at It has a new format -- instead of one roughly five minute episode where you vote at the end, each episode comes in three smaller parts and you vote at the end of the third one. This allows Brad to put them up more often -- once a week for three weeks before a short hiatus till the next set begins. The first part of episode eight went up today, and I wanted to catch up on them. Just a few brief notes:

Episode 7 part 1

Best. Episode. Break. Yet. And, in a subtle a joke, the episode break is also a literal break -- the break of his neck.

Episode 7 part 2

Changing scenes buys time -- it allows the cliffhanger from the previous episode to remain a cliffhanger longer. Lost does this all the time expertly. What is Jack going to do now that he is captured? You will have to wait three weeks to find out because the next episode is all about Sun (on a boat), and the one after that is about Locke (in the jungle).

The actress playing Susan does a great sarcastic face in this episode -- Brad has Tarantino's love of tough women.

It is a nice touch that the bag in this episode is a real bag, like the kind you would get from a deli, rather than some leather sci-fi monstrosity. Reality is in the details.

Notice also how part one had us in a confined white room, and this episode has us in a confined black room, a nice contrast.

Episode 7 part 3

In this one Brad is hitting up big mythology -- the dreamplane, the sprig of a magic plant, the elixer, the answer is inside the hero. He is also playing with Star Wars, -- the guy dressed like the Emperor says in a raspy voice "There is a disturbance" -- "in the Force" is how the line continues in the movie (I think it is actually "I sense a disturbance in the force" but the point still stands). Star Wars, of course , drew on mythology in the same way Satacracy does: Brad is locating Satacracy at the same conjunction of mythology and science fiction.

Episode 8 part 1

The Origin Story is the something special you want for the eighth episode of Satacracy 88. (When Brad gets a TV deal for this series I will recommend to him that he plan for four seasons, so that the final episode of the series will be the 88th episode). It is hand drawn to boot.

The end of the episode gives us the best shot of 88 so far, and a great little preview of Susan, waiting. Her makup reveals another wrinkle in this universe Brad is weaving.

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