Saturday, April 14, 2007

TV Week in Review

LOST. Sara called what would happen in this episode just as soon as we read the little TV info box: the castaways do not accept Julie (one of the Others); Clair gets a mysterious illness. I wonder how those two plots will come together? Everything you expect to happen, happens, but -- as LOST always does -- there are so many little twists, turns, variations, revelations (the one at the end was GREAT) and tidbits of information the whole thing is just fascinating. I do not think I have ever enjoyed following a show more -- including West Wing and Buffy.

Oh, and another pointless philosophy allusion: Juliette's last name is Burke, giving us Burke, Hume, Locke, Carlyle, Rousseau, and Bakunin. Yeah, that's really silly, but I do not care because I LOVE LOST. And now only five episodes until the season finale on May 23rd.

But why the hell are they not going to live in the air-conditioned village with a fence that will protect everyone from the monster they have feared since the pilot? If there is a reason, someone on the show needs to say it OUT LOUD. I said I enjoyed following this show more than any other, but that does not mean it is better written than any other. This is just a mistake.

TV this week: discuss, review, recommend.


neilshyminsky said...

re: Names - something else that I noticed this week is that Juliette's sister, Rachel, and the mysterious Jacob also make an allusion if we consider that they have a connection of sorts (insofar as Jacob saves her life and allows her to give birth). Rachel was Jacob's favorite wife in the Bible, the one that gave birth to two of his sons, the whole twelve sons of Jacob constituting the nation of Israel.

But it doesn't end there. Rachel's other son with Jacob? His name was Benjamin.

*cue spooky music*

James said...

Yet another great twist on the flashback this week, chronicling both pre and post-Island life.

Another thing I noticed in the flashback was the subversion of sinister bad-guy cliches. Batmanuel spike's Juliette's drink in order to get her to the Island - but does it in plain sight and tells her about it matter-of-factly. Juliette awakes strapped to her bed - but it's to stop her falling out on the submarine journey. Not sure if there were any more examples I missed, but I thought those were nice.

Geoff Klock said...

Neil: that is cool, thanks

James: I noticed that too, the one with the drink anyway. Thanks.