Friday, April 20, 2007

Free Form Comments

Free Form Comments: any random thought, observation, question, suggestion, put it here, along with any requests to be added to the blog-roll. Also if you are a lurker, this is the place to introduce yourself. And don't forget you can use this post to talk to each other -- your random thought does not have to be for me, it can be for someone else here.

Quick question from me. Everyday my myspace account gets "phished"; I change the password every day. Does anyone know what I do to stop having to go through the password change every day?


James said...

Apologies in advance if this is patronising and not what's going on, but from what I understand the way these myspace jerks get you is by creating fake login pages and linking to them, usually in the form of a bulletin (posted from a previously "phished" account). When you enter your details on these pages, you're not logging in, you're sending them to the jerks.

So basically you just need to be extra-vigilant about where you enter your password: if you click a link and get redirected to a login screen, but thought you were already logged in, you probably were. If the url of a login screen contains something other than (, for example) then it's fake.

pat moler said...

check for spyware. Do you have your password set to "remember" so you don't have to type in your stuff? If so then change that too. Spyware can be used to spam on MS if the account has "remember me" set on it.

can you give me some more input on it. You sending out spam messages or what?

pat moler said...

James: Well, that's obvious but I doubt a guy that goes to Oxford is stupid enough to fall for that.

Geoff Klock said...

Anyone can not pay attention and make a mistake; it does not matter where you go to school.

Jonathan said...

Geoff. I'm curious as to who your favorite poets are of the younger generation. Say those born 1970 and later. I would ask the same of Harold Bloom but he is yet to mention anyone younger than Anne Carson (born 1950).

Matt Brady said...

Blog plug: I reviewed some comics and looked at the solicitations released this week from DC, Marvel, and Image. I also commented on the Eisner nominations, did a quick review of The Tale of One Bad Rat, talked about some TV I've watched (The Sopranos, mostly), and reviewed Meet the Robinsons (in 3-D!).

Oh, and Geoff, I wanted to let you know I found the first six issues of The Maxx in the discount bin at the comic shop, so whenever you get around to looking at that series, I'll be able to read along!

LurkerWithout said...

Zombie Sam Kinnison vs. Zombie River Phoenix?

Geoff Klock said...

Jonathan: you know, I am not sure I read anyone younger than Carson.

Matt: awesome.

Lurker: HA

Ultimate Matt said...

I posted my thoughts on the WW3 debacle at my blog. nothing you haven't read or thought before, probably, but come by and tell me how right I am.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic (but you said to post off topic here) and it isn't really about much (but you said to post and stop lurking).

I enjoy your blog. Please keep writing it. Your's is the first blog I've ever read on anything like a regular basis, though I'm kinda trying out some others cause I like yours.

Heard your segments on CGS and loved them! (any chance you could do a podcast?) (please?)

I love your use of critical tools to look at super hero comics, while maintaining a passion for both the superhero comics and the critical tools. I haven't met anyone like you in about a decade (since college, of course), so I am filled with joy by your discussions of comics.

If I figure out how to get an account here I'll put in some name or something and try to chip in when I can. I go by "cthululaw" on the CGS forums.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Geoff Klock said...

UMatt: thanks

Cthululaw: thanks for writing. I want to do videoblogging and I bought the camera but I cannot figure out how to work it cause I suck at technology.

Anonymous said...


You know baby Jesus is going to cry if you don't figure out something soon.


Geoff Klock said...

dude i just do not know what to do with it and i have 120 students this semester. Where do I find the free time, is the thing I cannot figure out.