Monday, November 24, 2008

The Broken Kettle

A Freud joke via a review of Slavoj Zizek:

In order to render the strange logic of dreams, Freud quoted the old joke about the borrowed kettle: (1) I never borrowed a kettle from you, (2) I returned it to you unbroken, (3) the kettle was already broken when I got it from you. Such an enumeration of inconsistent arguments, of course, confirms exactly what it endeavors to deny—that I returned a broken kettle to you ...

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ba said...

Here is, bar none, the best psychoanalyst joke ever:

Two psychoanalysts are meeting for their weekly cocktail (and cigar, of course). One says to the other, "Well, I lost my wife this morning over a Freudian slip."
"What? How did you manage that?"
"Well, I meant to say, 'That was a lovely breakfast you cooked,' but instead I said, 'You bitch, you ruined my life!'"