Sunday, November 09, 2008

T.I.'s On Top of the World

I really like how the chorus plays with out expectations. "I used to dream (o-o-woah) about the money and the cars and girls, but now I see (o-o-whoah), because I'm sitting on top of the world." The way the sentence is broken up by the music makes us guess at how the sentence will be completed. "I used to dream" -- but now you don't? " I used to dream about the money and the cars and girls." Ah. "But now I see" -- that these things are all vanity? No, it turns out that this clause does not continue -- the direct object of "see" is at the beginning of the sentence: the contrast is between dreaming about it and actually seeing it in front of you, rather than a contrast of goals.

The line about Samuel L. Jackson at 3:00-3:08 is brilliant, though I do not have any fancy reason why. It just makes me laugh.

EDIT: Turns out TI is saying "sing" not "See." We will all consider this a part of our earlier Misheard Lyrics post. Thanks anonymous commenter. Good thing this was a Saturday post, where I can take it less seriously.

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Anonymous said...

I believe they're saying SING not SEE.