Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Form Comments

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scott91777 said...

I bought my copy of Wall*E at Wal-mart... does anyone else find this ironic?

finsof72 said...

The whole movie is ironic. Throughout its duration it repeatedly condemns 'Buy N Large' as like this super wasteful wal-mart-eqsue company while simultaneously Disney has so much Wall-E crap out there that half the composition of future landfills will be composed of it.

I took my 6-year-old sister and 9-year-old brother to see it (I wanted to see it more than they did) and when I walked out I noticed that the trashcan in the lobby was overflowing with WallE-themed cups and popcorn bags.

So...Disney has taken steps to secretly attack big companies like Wal-Mart (Buy N Large) even though it is one itself. It seems big companies are no longer satisfied with simply destroying smaller companies and are now attacking their equals in a battle for supremecy. And we're all caught in the middle.

God help us.

I think I know what the next Michael Bay movie will be...

scott91777 said...

Stuff I've picked up...

Coldplay-Prospekt's March EP

I complained that I didn't think Coldplay had 'finished' making the Viva La Vida album before putting it out... turns out I was right, with this EP it is complete (even the song "Life In Technicolor" which was a musical fragment on the proper album is transformed into a proper song here in the form of "Life In Technicolor II") Combining this with the original release makes it a much better album.

The Killers- Day and Age

I like this album... it's kind of overshadowed by Chinese Democracy right now but does anyone else think the production is crap?


I picked up the DC direct All Star Batman figure... it's awesome he totally has the 'I'm the Goddamn Batman' grin going... and the 5'o clock shadow too!

Voice Of The Eagle said...


Do you think there's any chance of you picking up the upcoming Pushing Daisies comic series? Do you feel you NEED more of Ned, Chuck and Emerson?

I know I do; I know I will.

Still Here,


scott91777 said...

Ok, I was joking about being disapointed about not getting my free Dr. Pepper... apparently Axl is taking it more seriously:

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Madd_Hadder said...

I am sad The Shield is over. It is my Sopranos. I cannot believe I will no longer get to watch Vic Mackey. That being said, it was one of the more satisfying series finales I can recall.

finsof72 said...

Where the hell did this stupid little 'Twilight' fad come from?

Mikey said...

Some interesting stuff I just read on the internets which people who hang here might like:

On Bond vs. Bourne. Most interesting: the rejection of the easy assertion that most articles go ,for the obvious "Bourne caused the reinvention of Bond". Actually, Bond movies are still Bond movies. No fooling.

And The Office, which I know people here like thinking about.

finsof72 said...

Actually the latest Bond movie is pretty Bourne-ish. It's about the same length and involves a lot of the same styles of fighting. In fact, in an early scene in 'Quantum,' there is a fight in a little hotel room that is nearly interchangeable with the scene in 'The Bourne Identity' where the first assassin crashes into Bourne's Paris house.

The 'new' Bond and Jason Bourne have very similar personalities; they're both sort of drab, jerks, neither of them talk much, and the plots (save for 'Supremecy, which was just boring) seem to be just shallow vehicles for action and violence.

I don't know if the assertion that Bourne caused the new Bond is entirely accurate, I think they're both just products of a changing culture that is more appreciative of instant gratification, violence, and action rather than story or plot elements or even originality (considering the movies that make the most money are sequels and remakes).

Whichever the case, 'Quantum of Solace' is very similar in style, the shaky camerawork and all, to the 'Bourne' movies, but saying one caused the other is false. 'Bond is still Bond' sort of depends on how you look at it. Comparing the 'QoS' Bond to, say, Roger Moore's Bond is difficult to do. It's suave vs. brutal. But once again, it's not necessarily a bad thing or the result of some other character like Bourne setting an example, it's just a changing cinematic landscape where action takes precedence over pretty much anything else.

finsof72 said...

*note: I'm way to lazy to actually read the link that Mikey mentioned so it's very possible I may have just repeated the same thing it does. Which would be fine because my opinions are always right, and are therefore universal.

Christian said...

The other difference between Bond and Bourne is that Bond is basically a luxury charter vacation, while Bourne is all about the backpacking.

Mikey said...

Christian - that is the best description of the two that I have ever heard.

At its heart the new Bond still has all the elements of old Bond, just made superficially grimey (and brutal).

Sure, they look a lot like Bourne movies, but the designer menswear and exotic locales and all that shit are still there. They are still both drab jerks though.)