Sunday, November 02, 2008

Comics Out October 29, 2008

I did not get a chance to hit the comic book store this week -- although I know a Bachalo Spiderman book hit and I love all things Bachalo. Review, discuss, and recommend this weeks comic books and comic book news.

Is anyone else getting burnt out on comics? With All Star Superman done, and Casanova on hiatus, with no interest in Secret Invasion and Final Crisis getting on my nerves with fill in artists, I feel like I need more books to get really excited about. Tell me what I need to be getting.


scott91777 said...


Tsk Tsk... looks like someone has finally discovered girls and is turning his back on comics, how could you let a little thing like your own wedding keep you from your weekly stop? :)

No comics reccomendations but you should totally listen to some AC/DC... Two seconds ago I came to the conclusion that they are the 'All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder' of Rock music :)

*sorry, I just finished listening to "Mistress for Christmas" ... couldn't resist.

Oh, also, did you see my comment below about Rodriguez's Sin City? I was wondering if you had the same problem with that as you did with Snyder's 300?

Geoff Klock said...

I did have the same problem with sin city to a lesser extent -- but it was underneath my main problem with it which is that in comics noir is really interesting, whereas in film noir is all over the place.

finsof72 said...

I don't really read comics but I've heard through my network of friends that there's a new graphic novel based on the Joker (called, obviously, 'Joker') that is supposed to be really good.

Marc Caputo said...

I'm starting to turn to more independent stuff (I'm currently reading Rick Remender's 'Fear Agent' and whatever I can grab of Jason's work) and runs of stuff that I've let pile up, like all the Geoff Johns Green Lantern stuff and Sandman (thanks to the Absolute project)

I also have the Elektra Omnibus coming this week; that with my Miller Visionaries tpbs and Daredevil Omnibus Companion is going to keep me in a Miller/DD mood for the remainder of the year.

Jason said...

Geoff, you asked me about this a while ago, but I dunno if you ever picked it up: Essential Iron Fist. The first few issues in it are crap, but once Claremont takes over ... hey!

Might make a decent supplement/addendum to your recent Claremont odyssey, and also a half-decent substitute (slash-prequel-to) the recently departed Fraction/Aja material ...

(And Marc, wow, there's an Elektra omnibus coming out? I must seriously consider picking that up ...)

James said...

Like Marc, I'm getting my comics-thrills away from superheroes lately. I'm loving Jeff Smith's RASL, and Joe Kelly's Four Eyes has a great concept (depression era America + dragons), and the first issue was pretty good.

Marc Caputo said...

Jason: Here's the link at Amazon:

And, as a PSA, that makes ALL of Miller's DD-related material available - there's the first DD omnibus - collecting all of the origianl run - you can also find that in 3 tpbs. Then there are the 2 additional omnibi, collecting the later stuff.

And when it comes to Iron Fist, yes, the material really hits its stride when th e ongoing tkaes over. I've even taken somewhat of a blasphemous position on Byrne's art - I think that Dan Green inks him even better than Austin.

vcaramela said...

I agree with Jason regarding the Essential Iron Fist. The Claremont/Byrne issues are a lot of fun. I just wish Marvel would release a TPB of Iron Fist Classic in color and release those impossible to find black and white Iron Fist stories from the 70's (deadly fists of kung-fu or something) as an essential book. Then lots of fun would be had!

Andrew said...

If you're not reading Incredible Hercules, you're probably doing something wrong with your life.

Mikey said...

I hear that Andrew.


The Goon
Atomic Robo

Or spend some time reading The Perry Bible Fellowship and My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable online archives.

Prof Fury said...

Although I am late to realize this, most all of Kevin Huizenga's stuff is pretty great, esp Ganges #2 and about 90% of Curses.

Jason said...

Thanks, Marc, but hey -- I heard somewhere that the second Omnibus (the Miller DD "companion" I guess it's called?) is limited print-run, or out-of-print, or something disheartening like that. Is that true?

And while I'm not sure I agree that Green is a better inker for Byrne than Austin, I will say I absolutely LOVE Dan Green, and think he is the definitive X-Men inker (having inked over 50 issues of X-Men, most of JRJr's run and most of Silvestri's).

Green also inked a Cockrum issue back in the 70s too, to awesome effect.

vcaramela, I know, right? I would LOVE to read a color edition of those Byrne/Claremont Iron Fist issues. Especially issue 15, which guest-stars the X-Men. I mean, for gosh sakes, how can there be a Claremont/Byrne X-Men comic-book from the classic era that is NOT in print in a color edition? That's absurd!!!!

Finally, re: non-superhero comics that we're reading right now, I gotta shake a pom-pon for SCALPED, Jason Aaron's "Native American noir." The third TPB was just released.

Streebo said...

I'm reading Warren Ellis' No Hero and Doktor Sleepless as well as Baron and Rude's Nexus (when it comes out) and Millar's Kick Ass.