Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twin Peaks, Season 1 Episode 7: Season Finale

by Jill Duffy

There is a gruesome sequence in this episode in which an undercover Cooper gets Jacques Renault to describe the entire act of the murder of Laura Palmer. The only thing we really don’t know is who did it.

Jacques, an overweight, slubbish, and slovenly guy, relishes the retelling, as if the words he chews through were some fatty meal. As horrific as the story is, it’s merely words, just an exchange between two men. Still, Cooper is left looking as if he is disgusted to the point of being sickened.

The rest of this episode involves more plot consummation. More people get shot. Someone turns out to be double-crossing someone else. The mill burns. Nadine tries to kill herself… More and more I feel like Lynch and Frost had one very good and complex story they wanted to tell, but had to pad it out with a soap opera in order to make it into television programming. (Nadine’s eye patch alone makes me unable to shake all the allusions to soap operas.)


Marc Caputo said...

So, Jill Duffy, Girl Reporter, whodunnit? You're still a few episodes away from the reveal.

Jill Duffy said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but I had seen Fire Walk With Me the movie a few years ago, so I already knew who killed Laura Palmer coming in.

I'm also way ahead of my posts in terms of watching. I just couldn't keep up. I finished episode 19 last night. But as much as possible, these posts stick to each episode singularly.