Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Comics Out October 24, 2007

Casanova 10. I am getting tired of watching myself type "this is my favorite comic book" month after month so let's just dive into specifics. Eeeeeevil bad guys, a recipe for lamb, lots of sexy bits rendered as only Fabio Moon can, and backmatter with extra funny (Ice-T) and heart (Henry and Ray). And I forgot that Fabio himself points out the connection between the bad guys here and the bad guys in his twin brother and Casanova predecessor Ba's Umbrella Academy that I pointed out in the comics out post last week (I read a preview issue of Casanova 10 a few weeks ago).

In comics news, Newsarama has a preview-review of first part of the new X-Men crossover, written by Brubaker and drawn by Silvestri. I wasn't going to get it, but the combination of the fact that people keep telling me Brubaker is great (I have made a decision to get his Captain America run in trade), I love the X-Men, and I find myself, surprisingly, having fond thoughts about Silvestri since my review of Here Comes Tomorrow. The three factors together might be enough to put me over the edge. Is anyone else going to get this?


Marc Caputo said...

As the kiddies say, Geoff, "Heeelll's yeah!" I'm psyched for the first X-Men x-over I've been a part of since the FIRST Bush was in office. I've caught up with most of the X-books since Bru came on to Uncanny over a year ago and there's a lot of interesting things going on.

James said...

God, no. Is this the thing that had a 2-3 page preview in Mighty Avengers? The X-Men arrive at wherever the mutant christ is, someone says something like "I don't hear any children", and Emma says "Oh, no... [b]I just realised[/b] that I didn't sense anyone when we landed". Yeahbuhwhat?

Brubaker can be good, I'm sure - he co-writes Iron Fist and I enjoyed the first couple of Captain America trades - but he made me drop Daredevil and Deadly Genesis was crummy. This doesn't look any better.

Ping33 said...

I'm on Comic Geek Speak Episode 314 - Countdown Month 5 -


Matthew J. Brady said...

I have zero interest in the X-Men thing, but hey, this issue of Cass was awesome. Sexy as hell, wasn't it? That shot of Zephyr on the psychiatrist couch was amazing. And I loved the villain, with the huge fatness and tiny fez hat. Really, really cool.