Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Picture Update

The picture in the right toolbar has been updated because I looked like I was balding in the earlier photo. Wow am I vain.


Anonymous said...


Since u can probably track down my IP address, I will like to say, without exposing my name, that I am one of your non-verbal zombie students. Do you teach poetry or some other kind of writing? Sorry to hijack your blog but you don't welcome emails; ya' said so in your syllabus :(

Also, I actually like your blog. can I link it to my blog with your permission.
I don't have comments posted on mine, but my blog is linked to my business website, and that girl gets a lot of traffic.

Please post more stuff on Serenity and anything sci-fi or David Bowie.

Geoff Klock said...

I welcome e mails from students, just not on frivolous topics. Of course you can link to my blog from your blog.

Ultimate Matt said...

Hi Geoff:

I just posted something at my blog that I'd really like you and your readers to check out. I'm not sure if it qualifies as what you consider as a "guest blog entry", since it's basically just a pathetic plea for assistance... let me know what you think, at any rate. Thanks.

Streebo said...

Geoff - you need to put your pimp hand down. You should put up a photo of you chilling in a nice suit and tie. You're Dr. Klock, baby!

neilshyminsky said...

re: Vanity. I'm similarly sensitive to pictures that make it appear that my hairline is receding (which it is, albeit slowly), and often untag myself in Facebook photos when pics are unflattering in various ways.

Which is simply to say that I think a small amount of vanity is healthy.

And just in case the non-verbal zombie student is still checking up on this thread - is that a term that you invented on your own, or did Geoff throw it out there? Because I'm actually quite amused by it. (I simply refer to you folks as 'the back row'.)

Ultimate Matt said...

Hola Geoff -

Thanks for the comments over at my site, I appreciate the time. I'll let you know how things are progressing with the kids.