Sunday, October 07, 2007

James on All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder 7 (Comment Pull Quote)

[How did I fail to notice how hilarious this line from issue 7 is? Thanks you James.]

I wanted to mention something from All-Star Batman #7 that lept out at me, but I haven't seen picked up on. Batman mentions someone who can fly, and "the idiot doesn't even know he can". I thought that was a great line akin to DKR's "why do you think I wear a target on my chest"? It offers an explanation for the first Superman comics where he couldn't fly, and simultaneously paints Batman as such a badass that he knows more about Superman's powers than Superman does.


James said...

You're welcome! Thank you! The other thing this line made me realise (and ping mentions in the comments for the post above this one) is that Miller is directly referencing the early Batman issues with his psychotic Goddamn Batman. While Superman couldn't fly, Batman didn't care about killing or maiming villains.

Ping33 said...

Yeah that was my hair-brained theory after reading issue 3.
Glad it seems to be true. I love when that happens.

I made a voicemail/rant to CGS a WAY way back in January about it.