Friday, November 23, 2007

Comics Out November 21, 2007

[Comics Out posts have been switched out with Free Form Comments and will appear from now on on Fridays -- so everyone has time to read the books.]

Angel: After the Fall. Joss Whedon did the plot, but not the script, for this post-season-5 Angel comic book. For some dumb reason Buffy is at Dark Horse and Angel is at IDW. But my local comic book store did not notice the word "Whedon" in the solicit and did not get enough, so I will have to get this later. Do not let that stop you from reviewing it with spoilers in the comments.

Umbrella Academy 3. This is still pretty good. Not the best comic book in the world, but fun -- and what more should I be asking for really? The colors, particularly the hot pink laser beam with the orange flame background and the judicious use of red for the last two pages is really eye catching. Dave Stewart. Nice stuff.

Not much comics news caught my eye this week, except film stuff reported by Newsarama: the Futurama straight-to-DVD film is out soon.

Also -- does anyone want to review Enchanted?


Voice Of The Eagle said...

Do post when you get the issue of Angel. I'm very eager to get your take on the major character choice(s) Whedon & Lynch make.

Scott said...

I wasn't crazy about this issue of The Umbrella Academy. After the first two issue's quirkiness, this issue felt just like a fight that you could find in almost any issue of any superhero comic. I still like the series but this issue felt too normal, something I didn't expect from this series.

Timothy Callahan said...

I'd like to tackle the Enchanted review! Would you like me to?

Geoff Klock said...

Tim -- sure! You can e mail it to me and I will make it its own post, then everyone can weigh in.

I just saw Beowulf, and I am calling that one.