Friday, June 27, 2008

Comics Out June 25, 2008

Young Avengers Presents Hawkeye. A very nice little Matt Fraction yarn. Absurdly, I never noticed until I saw him drawing Avengers how much Brian Hitch owes to Alan Davis. (Is that right? How old is Hitch?). Anyway, Fraction's plan to surpass Morrison continues in his ability to get great artists to team up with him consistently.

Thor: Reign of Blood. Have not actually gotten around to this yet. But it looks pretty good.

Iron Fist 16. Does anyone in the comics industry have more heart than Fraction? The guy has a big heart, and does heartwarming really well. Nice to see Aja back for a whole issue two even if it is light on the ass-kickery. A nice end. The final page image from the next issue by the new team, however, does not look that promising.

Runaways 30. It was the lackluster art, with its dowdy figures, rather than the publishing schedule that made this series unpersuasive -- in spite of the fact that I am always really open to the tragic view of fate that made of the moral of this little story .

Final Crisis 2. The first page is a genius direct address to the reader, and "Spirit into Toy" is one of my favorite exclamations ever. But the various plot threads here still seem really fractured to me -- and not in a good way, and in my copy the reproduction of the art seemed wonky. Blurry maybe? Libra continues to bore, and the Alpha Lantern twist may have meant more to me if I knew who she was. The preacher bad guy New God continues to seem like a weak irony to me, and the imagery on the last page seemed odd, though I know someone is going to tell me the spacial relationships and perspective is SUPPOSED to be weird since they are bending space and time. I don't care; I don't buy it. I did really like when one character referred to the "boom tube" in quotes however -- that really captures the scene, as the New God condescendingly calls it what they pathetic Earthlings would call it. That was a nice detail.

In comics news, I hope to have a friend review Wanted as soon as possible, cause it will probably be Monday at the earliest that I get a chance to see it. And it is coming after Wall-E.


Ping33 said...

Glorious Godfry was a preacher in Kirby's New Gods.

Ping33 said...

self plagiarism from my post on the CGS forum:
Spactacular issue... probably the best single issue of any comic I've read in 2008... notes, observations, questions and ideas:

1) The Japanese Super-hero club: 1st off, it reminds me a LOT of what Morrison did on New-X-Men in the Riot at Xavier's arc (my favourite of the whole New-X-Men run) The equation that powers are cool and the whole dichotomy between the older heroes who are based on duty vs the new breed who are based on celebrity (also a key theme in 52, and Kingdom Come) "when will he realize being fantastic is a superpower in itself?"

2) Sunny Sumo - LOVED how his introduction was so damn similar to the way he was brought into The Forever People (CGS denizens thinking of buying Countdown in trade... DON'T get the New Gods Omnibi instead!) I'm hoping he's not Orion (I'm thinking Turpin might be Orion now, even though it clashes with the idea in issue 1 about Humanity being its own salvation)

3) The Fallen Monitor - Who is 'Overgirl'? I love how her and (I presume) Overman's insignia looks like a cross between The Flash and a Nazi SS badge. The guy on the right looks like Dr. Manhattan crossed with Captain Atom...

4) Turpin - seeing the Cracks on his face, and the way he goes medieval on Hatter makes me think Orion's soul might have been passed to him "What the fuck is wrong with me?" "All Roads lead to hell" - 'the day evil won' I'm thinking that the day evil won was just prior to issue 1 or DC Universe 0... Earth IS hell, we have to claw our way out now.

5) Best line in the series thus far: "We'll all Miss Him, and pray for a resurrection" - Perfect.

6) Libra - damn, I read these pages on Newsarama the other day and was uber hyped to see what was inside the theater... screwed again, who says that Secret Invasion does cliff-hanger better?!

7) The Morgue - Still liking the Space Cops thing... not sure about WW saying "sister" in that context

8) Lantern Johnstewart - is that Eclipso's gem?

9) Kraken - Didn't see Granny Goodness coming... just didn't. Always wondered why she was named after a monster.

10) Love how both her hair (when possessed) and That of Rev. Good give away their true identity... Turpin's face "cracked and broken" remind you of something? who does it resemble? Who said it? just sayin'.

11) Komandi seems to be shouting a lot of worthless warnings so far.

12) Hmm, why is it that Mokkar and Simyan actually look like themselves?! Still up to the same old tricks I see... one of their favourite of those tricks was making Jimmy clones... Jimmy clones who might blow up the Daily Planet perhaps?

13) Why did Libra leave all his hard gotten dosh? Why let the heroes find it? Once again, the world is going to hell: "...It used to be the Central City Community Center. Poor brave Barry--- at least he never lived to see it all go to hell"

14) Is that the time bullet above Barry? does it have the virus inside it? Looks like.

seth hurley said...

Yeah, Hitch owes a lot to Alan Davis.

Maybe a little from coping his style early on but I think mostly from having shared Davis' inkers, Paul Neary and Mark Farmer.

Christian said...

I think Fraction already beat Morrison on that, given that most of his runs aren't from the early- to mid-nineties.

And I love Fraction so much for being such a nerd (like I might have mentioned before.) This is why the comic is called Reign of Blood:

Timothy Callahan said...

"Maybe a little from copying his style early on"?

Hitch swiped from Davis pretty exclusively for the first few years of his comic book career.

scott91777 said...

RE: Hitch and Alan Davis
I think I first noticed it when I read his run on The Authority... and looking back on it, I'd have to agree with Tim. He's definitely come into his own since but, from what I've seen of his FF, run it's very Davis-esque. Speaking of one artist looking like another and, since he's already been brought up this week by Jason, did anyone notice how John Romita Jr.'s artwork in the early 90s very much ripped-off Frank Miller... it still has it's similarities... I think somwhere around the time of his most recent Spider-man run it really came into his own. What I find odd about this is that, unlike Davis and Hitch, is that Miller and JRJR were contemporaries.

scott91777 said...

Oh, and Geoff,

I'm all about some Wall E too... I heart cute robot movies!

Now if they could just get around to that Short Circuit remake...

Streebo said...

I watched Wanted this afternoon. Stay far far away from it. It changes so many aspects from the book - that it winds up being little more than a third rate Matrix wannabe and it fails miserably in pulling that off. What a mess.

Streebo said...

For the first two years of his career - I thought Hitch was Alan Davis.

j.liang said...

According to his profile in Comics on Comics Art (London: Titan Books, 2000), Hitch was born in April 1970 and met Alan Davis at a comics convention in 1988.

"[Davis] would send me copies of the pages he was doing on Excalibur, and because back then I hadn't a clue what I was doing, I ended up swiping from him constantly. He was so generous sending me copies of his artwork, but I got too involved in it, too dependent. It was too strong an influence, I guess, but that's with hindsight." (106)

Streebo said...

I'm still working on a new intro segment for our MVP videos from last weekend - but I am going to go ahead and post the Geoff Klock Lightning Round of Questions that Matt Fraction answered last week. Will post the link here.

Streebo said...