Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Game Design Challenge: Hamlet

 My dear friend Jill Duffy -- a bona fide girl reporter -- is the editor at GameCareerGuide, which recently hosted a Game Design Challenge for its readers: design a game based on Hamlet. "The primary limitation was that if in-game characters spoke, then the words that came out of their mouths had to be directly from the original text."

CLICK HERE for the results.


Prof Fury said...

Forgive me if they mention this somewhere on that site and I missed it in my scan, but a few years ago I played and enjoyed this Infocom-style Hamlet Text Adventure.

I was about to wax nostalgic about Infocom, but I'll stop now.

pla said...

I assume you've also seen the dinosaur comics installments that deal with turning Shakespeare into a video game, but if not:


Penny Golding said...

Another existing game is Hamlet: A Game In Five Acts, a hypertext game.

Hypertext critic and publisher, Mark Bernstein, has written a lot about the problems of genuinely adapting Hamlet into an interactive game.

David Golding said...

Whoops, that was me, not Penny. :-)