Friday, June 06, 2008

Comics Out June 4, 2008

Buffy 15. I think I am switching to trades on this title from now on. Maybe. It is always hard to do that with a book you have been getting.

Invincible Iron Man 2. Some solid Fraction stuff here. A narrative caption box reading “You can’t beat the classics” ostensibly about Iron Man’s rocket boots, but placed over a picture of a revised MODOK. A nice contrast between the “comic book” violence at the open and the “real world” violence at the end. A line up of weirdly named heroes from the Philippines – here and in Iron Fist Fraction takes on Morrison (in 52 and Final Crisis) in quickly creating foreign superhero teams. Stane, with his dirty operating table, and flip practical, but still visionary attitude, is a terrifying villain.

Newsarama has a whole new look.

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Marc Caputo said...

Newsarama's new look scares me.

And what with the fact that many of the posters over there are complete morons (and there was a time when I muddled about down there), I made the switch to CBR. Whatever they don't have, I don't need and they've got Callahan.

Solidarity rules.