Wednesday, June 04, 2008

X's Wife

Feminist criticism has encouraged readers to focus on, and open up space for, "minor" female characters overshadowed by big male protagonists. Fiction based on this principle -- along with many other factors -- has led to the following titles, which I found in five minutes on an Amazon search. If you have a job, or were famous, there may be a book about your wife. Some of these are sexy books. I will let you guess which ones.

The Time Traveler's Wife
The Senator's Wife
The Diplomat's Wife
Ahab's Wife
Lady MacBeth
The Pastor's Wife
The Kitchen God's Wife
The Last Wife of Henry VIII: A Novel
The Saddlemaker's Wife
The Pilot's Wife
A Hustler's Wife
The Spy's Wife
Zipporah, Wife of Moses: A Novel
The Traitor's Wife
The Killer's Wife
Pilate's Wife
Shakespeare's Wife
The Prisoner's Wife
The Shopkeeper's Wife
Lord Byron's Wife
The Banker's Wife
The Editor's Wife
The Photographer's Wife
The Politician's Wife
The Samurai's Wife
The Salaryman's Wife
The Doctor's Wife
The Sniper's Wife
The Emancipator's Wife
The Nazi's Wife
The God's Wife
The Boss's Wife
The Inkeeper's Wife
Rector's Wife
Tales of the Allergist's Wife
The Fireman's Wife
The Consul's Wife
The Artist's Wife
The Shapechanger's Wife
Warwyck's Wife
Dr. Norton's Wife
Herod's Wife
Dr. Dumany's Wife
King Lear's Wife
The Trooper's Wife
The Missionary's Wife
Potiphar's Wife (poetry)
Wife to Mr. Milton
The Highwayman's Wife
Zeppo's Wife (poetry)
The Englishman's Wife
Colter's Wife
The Earl's Wife
The Captain's Wife
The Butcher's Wife
The Slave Trader's Wife
The Tomcat's Wife
The Stormtrooper's Wife
The Drover's Wife
The Translator's Wife
Lot's Wife
The Nabob's Wife
Nabokov's Wife
The Advocate's Wife
The Tycoon's Wife
The Farmer's Wife
A Mummer's Wife
Trader's Wife
Black Clone's Wife (not making that up)
The Coach's Wife
Einstein's Wife
The Burgomaster's Wife
John Ruskin's Wife
The Adventurer's Wife
Mr. Emerson's Wife
Mozart's Wife
The Undertaker's Wife
The Magician's Wife
The Drummer's Wife
The Circuit Rider's Wife
The Torturer's Wife
The Astronaut's Wife
The Carpenter's Wife
The Stranger's Wife

At some point I had to just stop.


scott91777 said...

The Allergist's wife is the sexy one, right?

neilshyminsky said...

Interestingly, a title search for husband gets a lot of results but very few of which pair it with a spousal subject: The Husband, Renegade Husband, The Prodigal Husband, Heaven Sent Husband...

I'm getting some deja vu with this topic. Has there been a post like this before?

Geoff Klock said...

Neil – I honestly cannot remember. I had a bit of Déjà vu as well, but I could not find a post searching the blog. Certainly I have done lazy list posts in the past. Maybe I mentioned the topic in Free Form Comments. Did I mention we are getting near 1000 posts on this blog?

Jason said...

The Shapechanger's Wife sounds fun.

Stephen said...

That's quite a list.

I bet you could do the same thing with X's daughter... I've seen a lot of those too.


Matthew J. Brady said...

My guesses as to which ones are sexy:

The Pastor's Wife
The Salaryman's Wife
The Boss's Wife
Probably not The Englishman's Wife
The Stormtrooper's Wife: sexy Star Wars fan-fiction
The Farmer's Wife: a collection of Penthouse letters