Sunday, June 29, 2008

Streebo takes your questions to Matt Fraction

Hear -- and see -- them answered!


brad said...

That was awesome! Great interview Streebo. I love that you took our questions to him. That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

scott91777 said...

Ha! My question threw him! I guess it is kind of an essay response sort of thing... Guess I've written one to many prompts for my students. And it's not that there are there are 91,777 other scotts... That's my birthday 9-17-77 :)

scott91777 said...

Oh, I also forgot to throw out what would have been a good question for me, having not read any of fraction's work, which of his works would he reccomend to me?

Kelly Sue said...

Ah, his accent is so cute!



scott91777 said...

Ah, yes Streebo, I noticed that... North Carolinian if I'm not mistake (which is where heroes-con is) I'm from Danville, VA which is right on the NC border so that's how most of the people I grew up around talk. I never picked it up myself... I think I just watched too much TV.

Streebo said...

Brad: Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think part one of this interview with Matt is one of the best things that I've ever filmed. It's not necessarily a great interview - but it is a great video because of Matt.

Scott91777: I thought it might be something like that - but since Matt starting busting on your username first - I just followed his lead like every good sycophant should. I was really hoping Matt would jump deeper into your question - but it was the end of the convention on Sunday and we were all running a bit ragged.

I think Matt would recommend whatever he's working on right now. So perhaps you should pick up the first two volumes of Casanova since it just wrapped up. ;)

Kelly Sue: Thank you for the nice words. Thanks for letting me spend so much time with your husband on Sunday. Matt is a real trooper. I enjoyed the panel you and Matt did together on Friday. I must admit that your accent is much cuter when you say the MF word. lol

Thank you.

Geoff: Thanks for posting this.

scott91777 said...

Actually, since Matt did seem to be intrigued by my question and, since it is my understanding he reads this blog occasionally, if he would like to respond to it once he's had a chance to think it out more, I would love to hear from him. I'm always curious to see what creators think on that issue.

Streebo said...

Just to clarify - my comment above to Kelly Sue is referring to her participation in a panel on Creative Households at the recent Heroes Con. There was a running gag amongst the panelists as they did their best not to curse as Evan Dorkin's young daughter was seated at the table with them. Kelly Sue got caught up in the moment and accidentally called Matt the MF word right in front of the little girl. Much laughs were had by all. Perhaps it was much funnier for if you were there.

Speaking of my interviews - I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback. I do these interviews for fun as my ambition is to be a successful storyteller. However - it would be nice for these segments to seem more professional.

Thanks for watching, all. My other interview with Matt Fraction - as well as my interview with Al Feldstein of EC Comics - will be posted later in the week.