Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blog Sidebar Update

In an effort to improve things around here I have been messing with the sidebar. It is going to continue to change over the next couple of days as I try different gadgets and different arrangements of links and so on.

This is an excellent way to alert me to a home page you want me to link to or a blog that you would like made part of my new, advanced blogroll (having a blog roll arranged by most recent update was the main reason I made all these changes, which, because this blog was already customized, took longer than it should have).

I am also looking for suggestions, if there is a gadget you would like to see on the sidebar. I already tried a youtube one that was too ugly and a weather one that did not work.

UPDATE: thanks to Sara for helping with the colors.

UPDATE 2: Here are the changes:

Twitter Updates

My published work is now shown in the form of an Amazon widget

Jason and Scott have bios

Best of the Blog has been updated

It used to be that only 20 posts would be posted when you clicked on a label, with no link to older posts with the same label. Now we have that option, so series of posts that had to be linked in parts (e.g. New X-Men part one), now only appear with one link.

Best of the blog: comment threads has been updated, but I think I need to take another look at that.

The blog list has been updated, and is now in the order of most recently updated, and includes clips of the newest posts.

AV Club and Newsarama RSS feeds have been added.

I have a think called followers now. It sounds kind of cultish, but there you go.

RSS Feeds have been updated

The Blog archive is more fancy, and now unfolds like a mac finder window and includes stats on how often we publish around here (and it is A LOT)

UPDATE: Also I added a digg window

UPDATE: I got rid of the weekly posts (since you will always be able to find a comics out or free form label on the main page)

I added a Rottentomato widget

I folded the favorites list into Best of the Blog and now there is one link to the whole favorites list rather then separate links to comics and tv and so on.


Chad Nevett said...

I'd like to request the inclusion of my blog, GraphiContent if possible.

scott91777 said...

Did we need a weather one?... maybe one that gives the weather for Gotham and Metropolis... that would be awesome.

Geoff Klock said...

Well the truth is the blog doubles as my personal home page and has all my links and stuff I need. And I need the weather cause I bike to work. It is weird but I am more likely to know the weather if it is displayed on the blog than if i have to click something to get to it

Marc Caputo said...

Thanks for putting in the link to my new blog, Geoff. The other one went the way of the flesh this summer, although I'm keeping it for posterity.

But again, much appreciated.

scott91777 said...

Hey, everybody, look at my ginourmous simpson avatar! Geoff's working on shrinking it so as I don't get a big head (pun intended):

best student mistakes this week:

"the writer's use this style to get the readers to feel cretin emotions"

"Frost's poetry teaches us many life lesions" (this mistake was repeated about 3 times in the same paper)

and "Anne Bradstreet's poems were published without her permission by her husband-in-law"