Friday, October 10, 2008

Comics Out October 8, 2008

I did not pick up anything this week, but do let me know what is going on. I know they announced that Green Lantern: Blackest Night will involve dead superheroes and villains coming back from the dead, which seems like a good way to one-up Marvel Zombies.

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Jason said...

Top Ten Season Two #1 (actually came out the previous week), written by Zander Cannon instead of Alan Moore. It seems fine, with everybody more or less in character and sounding like they did when Moore wrote them, but not very much happens. it's a little too muted, as first issues go -- especially when there are apparently only four total.

Big Hero Six #2 -- Claremont's writing superheroes created by Scott Lobdell. Odd idea, but I like it. Claremont's writing style lately kind of seems like transliterated Japanese already, so putting him on a faux-manga series like this works really well. I'm hoping this will end as well as it began (it's a five-issue miniseries).

Magneto: Testament #2 -- A shiny new, full origin of Magneto. He's my favorite comic-book character, so I had to look into this. Two issues in. It's clearly attempting to be a valid piece of Holocaust literature, and while it's perfectly respectful as that goes, it's not bringing much new to the table. And if this is going to track the character all the way to him becoming a flamboyant mutant villain, then the change in tone is going to be jarring. But if they don't go that far, then it will raise the question of what the point of the series is.

That's all I got this week.