Friday, October 17, 2008

Comics Out October 16, 2008

I did not get anything this week, or see any comics news that grabbed my attention, but did anyone pick up the IDW reprints of Grant Morrison's 1990s Doctor Who stuff? Is it any good? 

Also, I feel like it has been a long time since Final Crisis 3 and Superman Beyond 3D. Is any of the other Final Crisis stuff worth getting? 

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Andrew said...

Hello Geoff,

I've just read Grant Morrison's IDW Doctor Who issue. Basically it reprints some of his 1980s work on the UK Doctor Who magazine, a path also trod by contemporaries such as Alan Moore (which will feature in an upcoming Sequart column of mine - plug!)

It's not earth shattering stuff, but certainly interesting in light of the fact it's an early morrison work. It reprints one two-parter and a one-off story. The two-parter, featuring the Colin Baker doctor, deals with an intruder in the Tardis, and its focus on the interior of the Tardis itself is well handled. The one-off, Sylevester McCoy era story, is more characteristic of later Morrison work, in terms of its dealing with an alien intelligence in its narration.

It's worth looking at.

Roger Whitson said...

FC: Legion of Three Worlds is pretty fun, if nothing else. But the problem here is that I suspect the other mini-series were probably designed by DC to bridge the gap (and keep interest) between issues 3 and 4. But there was almost a month where no FC comics appeared at all. This is really bad, especially when people were complaining that they didn't get the storyline.

Also, on the Morrison side, I saw that Vertigo is reprinting _Kill Your Boyfriend_.

Triumph of the Underdog said...

No Matt Fraction Uncanny X-Men, Geoff? I think he's doing great stuff on it.

Geoff Klock said...

I am waiting for the trade on that book for now.