Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Free Form Comments

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James said...

Newsarama are doing a series of 10(!) interviews with Grant Morrison about All-Star Superman. While the second one in particular reads like an email interview, there's some fantastic responses, and I hope this material is compiled in some way for the (inevitable, surely) Absolute edition.

Christian said...

I'm reading Timothy Callahan's book, Grant Morrison: The Early Years, and while interesting enough, it does seem pretty light on actual analysis. They don't even mention that Red Jack, the Doom Patrol Character, could very well be God, and that his look might be based off the clayanimation of Mark Twain's The Stranger. Which is about Satan. Or a very cruel God.

scott91777 said...

I have watched Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 3 times since I bought the DVD last week... and I will probably watch it again soon. I don't know why I like a movie that seems to have been so rejected by the fanboy community, I guess It's just fun... I dunno... there's a lot of stuff I like... and the over-the-top stuff most people hate, I actually love (I'm also the only person I know who loved the peter-parker-is-a-dick sequence in Spider-man 3).

Did anyone else out here like the movie? Or do I just have terrible taste sometimes? Or, perhaps, I can just be an incredibly simple creature at times.

scott91777 said...


Have you caught the Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network? While the theatrical release was obviously not worth it, the show is fairly decent for what is: a kid's action adventure show.

Does it bring new levels to the characters or reach the epic heights of the movies? No.

Does it deliver on the light saber fights and space battles? Hell Yes!

Again, me simple sometimes.

Todd C. Murry said...

I liked KotCS and the Peter is a dick scenes, which was the only part of SM3 I liked, really. The first half was really bad and the post emoPeter movie was, at best, just OK. The only thing I didn't like about that section was the way it riffed on, and kind of trashed, my favorite scene in the far better SM2 - the cake scene (the Russian girl kept bringing Peter food in SM3, which he ate with a kind of disrespectful abandon, in contrast to the last temptation of Christ overtones in SM2).

I liked all of the Indy movie except the climax (and the 10 or so minutes leading up to it, which was too much and not enough at the same time), and I'm kind of mystified that more fanboys didn't appreciate it so much. Seemed like classic later Speilbergian action to me.

scott91777 said...


Exactly. I think the most telling thing for me about the new Indy is that, on the bonus features, Spielberg said that he didn't want to try to top, or even equal the originals but he wanted to create something that would be a 'blood relative' of the originals. In many ways, it's less of a sequel than it is an homage. It's intended as pure nostalgia and, really, there's nothing wrong with that. Sure, it could be seen as laziness... just giving as something that they know will be less than the originals. But wouldn't be worse if they tried and then failed miserably? Sometimes its nice to just have fun.

Streebo said...

Scott: I haven't had the chance to catch anyone of the Clone Wars series as yet. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to make the time to watch it.

And you're not the only one who enjoyed the Peter-Parker-is-a-dick sequence of Spiderman 3. I thought it was great. It was classic Raimi. I thought it made perfect sense for a character suddenly losing his inhibitions and becoming lost in a flood from years of repressed feelings.

christian: I read Tim's book on Grant Morrison as well. He certainly brought up several points and insights that I was unaware of. In all fairness to Tim - it would take a series of books to cover everything in Grant's stories. I suppose that's why Morrison is my favorite writer.

scott91777 said...

I read Tim's book and thought it was great (althought I just realized that I need to go back and finish the Doom Patrol section as, at the time, I had not read the final volume and was avoiding spoilers). Which reminds me...

Tim (since you're on here somewhere),

My friend Shaun is eager to know... do you plan to examine Morrison's other works in book form anytime soon? i.e. will you be looking at JLA, X-men, 7 Soldiers, All Star Superman etc.


Yeah, SW:CW a try... I think the key to enjoying it is thinking "Would 10 year old me have liked this as a kid?"

I'm wondering, I like Star Wars: Clone Wars, I like Indy 4... so I guess that means I'm ok with things that aren't great but remind of things that were great (at least some of the time)... maybe I should pick up that new AC/DC album after all...