Sunday, October 05, 2008

Comments of the Week

Three comment threads to pay attention to this week:

Doug M, in the comments to Jason's post on Uncanny X-Men 169, pointed out that CYCLOPS IS GALACTUS'S FATHER IN LAW. His point was that Maddy Prior was a bad character idea and led to all these continuity problems, but I cannot help but like this kind of insanity. It is why I read comic books.

Check out Troy Wilson's Be A Book Hero campaign, which he let people know about in the free form comments. (Be a Book Hero has also been added to the blog roll).

And check out the comments to Jason's review of God Loves, Man Kills: a surprising amount of the 38 comment thread consists of a debate between Neil Shyminsky and Plok on the quality of the Beatles' All You Need In Love, and a meta-debate about debates of this kind. You will forgive them for the unfortunate habit of referring to the song as AYNIL; from now on it we can all agree to shorten it to "All You Need."


plok said...

Right, "All You Need", that will drive me significantly less crazy, to type that. Good point!

Kyle said...

Which of those people is Galactus, now? I didn't see him listed as such, but I can probably be forgiven for skimming.


Unless we're counting Franklin's Earth X form?

Troy Wilson said...

Thanks, Geoff!

Geoff Klock said...

Kyle: I think somehow it is that hyperstorm franklin richards character. My marvel continuity is not great.

Anonymous said...

Neither is mine, and the Galactus thing was something I read a while back and half-remember. But note that the family tree I linked to is 10 years old, and things have only become more complicated since then.

Where the line is between "wacky fun / kinda cool" and "oh come on / ridiculous! / too much" is a very slippery and subjective. But the Summers family tree now seems to be something like Power Girl's breasts: later creators are adding and stretching, just to see what they can get away with.

Doug M.