Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Macy's and Dentyne Adverts

Macy's and Dentyne just recently started doing adverts that I thought were really striking, and I thought I would put them here. 

The Macy's commercial from last year focused on contemporary stars:

(Does Jessica Simpson seem to have been digitally altered? The second time we see her she seems pasted into the scene from somewhere else -- somewhere with different lighting. Or maybe like the president in Dark Knight Strikes Again she was a hologram all along.)

The new one now moves that theme through time. 

In most of these clips movie stars are just saying the name of the store, and yet it is still somehow really effective. I can, however, remember (but cannot find on youtube) a very similar add for train travel that showed people on a train and pasted in several famous train related movie scenes in in such a way that characters from Some Like it Hot and North by Northwest appeared to be interacting, or at least sharing the same space on the train, in spite of the fact that some of them were in black and white. 

The Dentyne posters that I see all over the subway just work a really simple irony: internet phrases and the real world that in some distant past inspired those phrases.

"Chatroom Full" pushes the idea quite far, as these good-looking half-clothed people, on one level, are just supposed to capture this idea of a room full of people, but of course also invoke the internet-for-sex aspect. I suppose it is less about the contrast of the internet and the real world than the internet and something like the world of One Tree Hill, but I am willing to let that go. 


Coligo said...

Here in the UK we get neither of these campaigns, but I'm totally with you Geoff; a Christmas commercial that just thows stars together still seems to get me.

I guess it's the idea that famous people go to parties that serve Marks & Spencers food, help decorate Macy's and do their Christmas shopping at Woolworths that gets me all warm inside.

Oh, and I think that train ad you're thinking of was for Virgin Trains:

Geoff Klock said...

Thats the one. Thanks!

Kenney said...

I saw a commercial for the Dentyne ad campaign, and I really dig it.

The "friend request accepted" one you've posted is especially charming.