Friday, May 16, 2008

Brad Winderbaum: the Satacracy Interview, pt 1

Brad Winderbaum's Emmy award winning Satacracy 88 (nominated again this year) comes to an end this week. (If you want to start from the beginning, click here.)

I did a 30+ minute interview with Brad, which is going to be up on this site in three parts over the next week -- and you can LISTEN to it.

If that does not work, click here.


Streebo said...

That was a very fun clip, guys. The follow up clips should be very interesting.

Brad: Congrats on completing Satacracy 88.

I would very much like to see it available on DVD with a nice commentary track. I enjoyed the series thoroughly and look forward to learning more about The Knights of A Hundred Sorrows.

brad said...

That was SO MUCH fun. It's always crazy talking to Geoff. I'm looking forward to hearing more interviews up here.

Thanks Streebo! DVD plans are in the works. Maybe Geoff'll do a commentary...