Monday, May 26, 2008

What's best about Thursday, May 29th 2008?

The first issue of Final Crisis?
The penultimate issue of All Star Superman?
The final, double-sized, issue of Astonishing X-Men?
The end of the fourth season of LOST?


Dan said...

In order...

1. Lost
2. All-Star Superman
3. Final Crisis
4. Astonishing X-Men
5. Waking up with a hangover the day after my birthday...

Marc Caputo said...

It's hamburger night at the Caputo household. All else is secondary, so...

3. Astonishing X-Men
4. Batman 677
5. Final Crisis
6. All-Star Superman

(I read up in terms of what I'm most excited by)

scott91777 said...

Final Crisis will be dissapointing, they've been building up to it for, what... two years? Three Years now?

Don't watch LOST

Haven't been following Astonishing X-men... read the first two trades though... unless it's gotten a lot better since then...

I'm going to have to go with All-Star Superman... I have a feeling this will be better than the last issue... which was pretty damned amazing.

Pat said...

1. A*S
2. FC
3. G-S AXM
4. Some other acronym
5. Lost

Pedro said...

Comics are not gonna run late in Canada, so I would avoid the internet since they seem to have it in Canada.

Timothy Callahan said...

1. Final Crisis
2. All-Star Superman #11
3. Batman #677
4. Immortal Iron Fist #15
5. Northlanders #6

Then maybe Astonishing, then Lost.

Although hamburgers would easily beat both. Especially if bacon was involved.

Lou said...

I'd have to put All Star Superman at the top. That's a known quantity of awesome.

Final Crisis is a serious maybe, much as I want it to be awesome, I harbor a deep fear it will disappoint horribly.

Astonishing and Lost occupy a similar space in my mind: things I used to love, but have grown weary of over time.

So there it is.

Ultimate Matt said...

1. Lost
2. All-Star Superman
3. Final Crisis
4. Immortal Iron Fist 15
5. Only a week left of work for me till the school year ends!

Kurt said...

1. Lost
2. Astonishing
3. All Star
4. Crisis
5. Rocky Rococo's Slice of the Day

Christian said...

It's my day-off! That's all that matters.

Jason said...

I have an audition for a paid theatre gig!

Marc Caputo said...

Have you seen the size of me?
Bacon's always involved.

Best of luck.

Thursday will rock no matter how you shuffle it, with or without burgers. Then, Friday is the first new Galactica in 2 weeks.

brad said...

1) All Star Superman
2) Lost
3) Astonishing X-men
4) Final Crisis

James said...

Lost is coming back, there's another issue of All-Star and another SIX of Final Crisis. Nothing beats the Giant-Size finale of the best X-Men run I've ever read.

Ping33 said...

I don't care about Astonishing.
I've been reading it in Trades. The second one was weak sauce so...

I love ASS but there's still one to go, I expect to be hosed at the end of 11.

Almost ditto Lost: Season finales are always bitter-sweet as you get the massive cliff-hanger to hold you over.

Final Crisis: nothing better than a #1 where anything can happen... open road at your feet, wind at your back, the only limit is your own imagination :)

Incidentally: all of this will be on Friday for me as Comics are a day late in London and I will kick off the Lost Torrent before I leave for work.

ben said...

You forgot the wicked hardcover OMAC omnibus that's coming out this week!

Ping33 said...

Starman Omnibus v1 too.

Starman is the best comic series of the last 20 years.