Monday, May 19, 2008

Brad Winderbaum: the Satacracy Interview, part 2 (of 3)

My discussion with Brad continues.

If that does not work, click here. Use the links at the bottom of the page, or scroll down, for part one.


Streebo said...
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Streebo said...

That deleted comment was me. I used an incorrect link and needed to change it.

Can we go ahead and change the title of these podcasts to "Geoff and Brad's Podcasts for Streebo"?

From part 1: The title of that film was George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead! Incidentally, Diary of the Dead will be available on DVD tomorrow! Load up your Netflix queue!

Brad: I would very much like to commend you for doing such a great job creating what seems like a superhero story on acid with Satacracyt 88. The Lynchian influence was clear fairly early on - but I missed the Alias elements because I never followed that show. I would love to hear a commentary track from you as regards to what it was like working on an episodic story when the course of action could be altered along the way? I am also curious to hear how you worked out the structure of your story arc to insure that you A) still had a coherent story and B) managed to move the story towards the ending you were looking for.

Geoff: Although Brad didn't elaborate too much on how Rodriguez influenced him as a filmmaker, I would like to say something about it. The main influence young filmmakers may pick up from Robert Rodriguez is not necessarily a stylistic one - but a spiritual influence. Rodriguez's mantra is to pick up a camera and film something. You don't need a big budget. All you need is a camera and someone to act in front of it.

This is a fantastic interview. I hope at the end that Geoff can manage to upload it as a zip file somewhere so we can download it for archiving.