Saturday, May 17, 2008

Comics Out May 14, 2008

Casanova 14. Already reviewed on this site. Twice. One of my favorite comic book issues of all time.

Serenity: Better Days 3. Fine. Whatever.
Batman 676. Not paying attention to comics news enough, I did not realize that Batman RIP was something that was going to go outside the main Morrison written Batman title into 14 other issues. I will NOT be sucked into crossover madness, so you guys are going to have to tell me what is going on in those other titles. A few things this issue. One: the new Batmobile. I see what Morrison was going for, and the idea does not seem awful or anything, but my eye cannot help but think it is the tricked out first car of the alienated comic book loving son of some rich Wall Street jerk: he took a sports car, and added bat symbols on the wheels. Lame. Also: A CD changer. Really? I know Morrison's point was to give Batman a line about a dumb criminal, but to imply the Batmobile has ANY outdated technology is just WRONG. I mean the thing is brand new. Oh, I have become that comic book guy. Moving on. The Joker scenes were pretty scary, but I felt the last page of the comic book could have been cut altogether would harming the whole at all. Finally: are we sure the title of this refers to Batman himself? Tim Callahan has a hunch the Black Glove will turn out to be Bruce Wayne's little mentioned older brother. Thematically, I want it to somehow be his FATHER back from the dead (since Batman has his own son now). In either case: is the title a red herring, in fact telling some long dead character to stay dead (which is what RIP means)?

In comic book news, Fraction is on Word Balloon, and probably some other stuff happened as well.


Marc Caputo said...

Geoff: not to worry. The story, "Batman: R.I.P." is only in Morrison's Batman. The other titles are just ripple/repercussion titles. It is not a crossover like Messiah CompleX (don't forget the capital X!) or Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul.

Anyway, you made out huge during MC because Bachalo got all the great shots, you lucky son of a buck!

Geoff Klock said...

Thank god.

I am totally trying to streamline my comics pull list. I think the Whedon titles are out, at least until trades.

monstermike said...

I like the implication that the Batmobile has a CD changer even though it's slightly outdated. Of course you've got your iPod dock, Xm and Sirius, etc, but would Batman really leave the car unequipped for any kind of media playback? I bet you could play 78s or 8-tracks on that thing.