Friday, May 23, 2008

Scott Reviews Indy 4 (spoiler free)

[Scott reviews Indy 4 for us. I have no plans to see this film soon -- right now it is way behind Iron Man and Redbelt on my list of things to do.]

So is it as good as the originals? No, of course not. Is it fun? Hell yes. First of all, kudos to Lucas and co. for going 'old school.' They followed through on their promise to keep the pacing traditional, rather than the quick-cut, stylized action films we've become accustomed to lately.

If the whole movie had been as good as the opening sequence, it would have been as good as the originals. It's easily the best opening since Raiders and the moment Indy picks up his hat and puts it on, you can't help but cheer. The first hour is pretty solid, then it becomes a bit flawed in the second half.

The movie's biggest flaw is the script.... not the story mind you... that's fine... it's the dialogue that tends to fall a bit flat... especially in many of its attempts at wit. Overall, it tends to lack that charm that the previous movies had. I doubt we'll be quoting this one 20 years from now. It does have its moments though. This is only heighligthed by the film's pacing. As I mentioned, they went 'old school' with this one and that, combined with the stiff dialogue, makes the movie grind to a halt and you find yourself awaiting the next big action sequence (and there are plenty of those).

Still, the movie has heart and the tips of the hat to the late Denholm Elliot and absent Sean Connery are nice (there's even a nice reference for fans of the Young Indy TV series). Overall, it's a fitting final chapter for our favorite finder of fabled... uhm... finds? Much like my attempt at alliteration, it's good overall but flawed. Bottom Line: It's Ford in the hat and jacket again. What more could you ask for?


scott91777 said...

Maybe X4 then?

Millar also does an homage to Colossus delivering the killing blow in his Ultimate take on this story... It's very Millar.

scott91777 said...

ignore that comment... It was meant for Jason's post above.