Friday, May 09, 2008

Comics Out May 7, 2008

Punisher War Journal 19. Jigsaw makes a big move against Frank. Jigsaw is a pretty disturbing and fascinating villain; I like how the evil version of the Punisher gets to have the family Frank lost, as if that tragedy is necessary to make Frank a good guy. How would a guy like Frank have channeled all his anger -- surely not all the product of revenge -- with a wife and kid. Chaykin, however -- HOW did Frank, surrounded, open a manhole cover silently with just his foot? Those things are heavy, scrape against the ground, and do not have anything for a foot to hold on to. I mean, Buggs Bunny could pull it off, but in this book?

Invincible Iron Man 1.
Iron Man vs Ezekiel Stane: The Prologue. The Order, ended seven days ago, continues here. Nothing really dies, which is nice -- you do not feel all those good Order ideas are sitting in a drawer somewhere. I am interested in Stane.

Angel 7. Stories picking up immediately after the conclusion of the show contine: here we get Wesley and Kate. With Kate back I really felt how much of my enjoyment of the Whedon-verse was the actors, like Elizabeth Rohm. Unless you are going to give me great art to replace those actors, then this is always going to be a diminished thing. Does anyone know who the character in the frame story is?

Buffy 14.
The Godzilla Dawn thing was funny, and I liked the box of flame, but again, see above. And check out the vaguely inappropriate Sam Keith style sound effect on the bottom of the second to last page. Really? That was the effect you wanted?

Newsarama's got Matt Fraction, more discussion of DCU 0, and I have decided to avoid the Final Crisis previews for some reason.


Prof Fury said...

Maybe Frank has specially tricked out the manhole covers in his neighborhood to allow for quick getaway. I demand my no-prize!

I really never thought I'd be this interested in a Punisher book, but here I am.

Streebo said...

Did anyone see that new comic magazine with Matt Fraction on the cover? I didn't pick it up today because I already had a gigantic stack of books - but I will most likely grab it next time around. Sorry - I can't remember the name of it right now.

Christian said...

Comic Fondry? Because that's a couple of month old now. Good though. Tim Leong does a great job and gave me the first issue for free after I bought the second one (because of the Fraction goodness.)

Really solid effort, and a great balance, meaning it avoids the trappings of being too up-its-own-ass or prepubescent faboy wank.

Christian said...

Foundry! Foundry! It's Comic Foundry. I'm tired.

Streebo said...

That's the one. That was the first time that I saw it. My comic shop is about 60 miles away so I only make the trip once a month. I'm just happy to see Matt garnering more recognition.